How to Participate in a BinStarter IDO

Note: BinStarter supports MetaMask and Trust Wallet. Make sure that BinStarter App is connected to either of the two wallets when participating in an IDO.  

1. From, click APP from the main menu link or you may directly navigate to this link

2. From the BinStarter Application website, click IDO Projects. It will display all the projects that will be launched at BinStarter. The projects with IDO as the current date will be displayed in the Projects Open Now section. Click the project name or logo to proceed.

The blockchain network of the project token is displayed on the top-right corner of the page (beside the wallet address) showing the current network selection.  Make sure are connected to the network of the project you are participating in.

3. From the IDO page, project details and links are displayed.  Pools 1 to 8 are also displayed under Project Sales. This is where you will be able to purchase the project token. The higher the pool, the higher the project allocation limit that you will be able to purchase.

Note: You are eligible to enter the pool that corresponds to your current tier level.

BSR minimum staking requirement and corresponding allocation multiplier per tier level:

  • Tier 1 — min 1000 BSR — 1x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 2 — min 2000 BSR — 2x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 3 — min 4000 BSR — 4x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 4 — min 8000 BSR — 8x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 5 — min 16000 BSR — 16x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 6 — min 32000 BSR — 32x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 7 — min 64000 BSR  — 64x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 8 — min 128000 BSR  — 128x Guaranteed Allocation


In Pools 1 to 8, addresses are automatically allowed to participate in the pool that corresponds to your tier level as per your staked BSR.

The Pool which has a “WHITELIST” label is the pool you are eligible to participate in.

4. From any of the pools, enter the Amount you wish to spend on a project allocation. Check which network the IDO is on and make sure that you have enough of the corresponding tokens in the wallet connected to BinStarter APP to cover the total amount including the network fees. Click Approve button to proceed.

5. MetaMask confirmation popup will then be displayed. Click Confirm button to approve the purchase.

6. After approving the buy order, click Swap button to complete the process of purchasing project tokens.

7. MetaMask confirmation popup will then be displayed. Click Confirm button to swap a stable coin with the project token.

8. Purchased project tokens will be available from My Allocations page on the day of Tokens Generation Event (TGE) or listing of the project token in PancakeSwap. 

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