How to Join a Whitelist

Joining a whitelist means that your address will be able to participate in an IDO.

Note: You need to stake at least 1000 BSR in order to join the IDO.

  1. Navigate to and click IDO Projects from the main menu links.
  2. From the Projects Coming Soon section, you will be able to join the whitelist for any of the upcoming projects. There is a timer for each project which is the countdown until the IDO and until when you will be allowed to join the whitelist for that particular project. Click any of the projects you wish to participate in comes the IDO schedule. The blockchain network of the project token is displayed, make sure that you have the available network added to the same wallet connected to BinStarter.
  3. From the project page, click Join Whitelist button. Once clicked, it will show that you have joined and you will have the chance to participate in the IDO of the project comes the IDO date.


In Pools 1 to 8, addresses are automatically allowed to participate in the pool that corresponds to your tier level as per your staked BSR.

The Pool which has a “WHITELIST” label similar to the below picture is the pool you are eligible to participate in.

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