How to be Whitelisted

Registering for a whitelist grants permission for your address to participate in an IDO.

Note: In order to register for an IDO, a minimum staking of 1000 BSR is mandatory.

1, Visit and select "LAUNCHPAD IDO" from the main menu.

  1. Navigate to the "Upcoming Projects" section, where you can register for the whitelist of upcoming projects. Each project has a timer indicating the countdown until the IDO and the deadline for joining its whitelist. Choose the project you wish to participate in based on its IDO schedule. Ensure that the blockchain network of the project token is compatible with the wallet connected to BinStarter.

  1. On the project page, click the "JOIN WHITELIST" button. Once clicked, the status will change to "WHITELISTED" confirming that you've successfully joined the whitelist and are eligible to participate in the project's IDO on the scheduled date.

  1. Whenever a project is scheduled for today, it will be moved to "Active Projects". Click the project to proceed to the IDO Sale screen.

Additional Notes:

For Pools 1 to 8, addresses are granted access to the corresponding pool based on the staked BSR tier level. In the IDO page, there will be a single pool for all Tier levels from 1-8, Gleam Winners, and Public Sale. This pool is where you can purchase the project token. 

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