How to Unstake BSR

Note: Depending on which tier you are participating in, your BSR will be locked for a set period of time. Your tokens cannot be moved during this period.

Tier 1 — Lock Period 7 Days

Tier 2 — Lock Period 14 Days

Tier 3 — Lock Period 21 Days

Tier 4 — Lock Period 30 Days

Tier 5 — Lock Period 60 Days

Tier 6 — Lock Period 90 Days

Tier 7 — Lock Period 120 Days

Tier 8 — Lock Period 150 Days

1. Navigate to the BinStarter App found on this link Click Pool from the main menu links. 

2. From the staking section, click the Unstake button to proceed with the unstake process.  The lock period begins as soon as you click on the "Unstake" button. Once you have done this, the tokens will no longer be added to the Tier calculation for IDO allocations, but you will continue to receive staking rewards during the cool-down period. At the end of the lock period, you may claim your BSR back to your wallet.

3. Click COOLDOWN button to proceed.

4. Read the pop-up message and if you agree, click Yes, I want to Unstake button.

5. The wallet confirmation pop-up will appear to confirm the approval of the cooldown. Review the transaction that you are about to make and click the Confirm button if everything is in order.

6. After initiating the unstake process, a message similar to the screen below will appear during the lock period.

Canceling the Unstake Process

If you change your mind and wants to join an IDO after initiating an unstake, you can cancel the unstake process anytime and reset the lock duration.

1. To cancel the unstake process, click the CANCEL UNSTAKE button shown when you click Unstake. This will undo the unstake process.

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