How to Upgrade Your Tier Level

With BinStarter v5 updates, we have updated our pool system. Users may now increase their tier level by staking more BSR from a single pool and automatically switch between Tiers. By increasing staking BSR amount, users can easily switch to a higher tier without waiting for the unstake time. 

The staking feature on BinStarter is available in BSC. Staking BSR will generate rewards and will enable you to participate in a BinStarter IDO.

1. Navigate to the BinStarter App found on this link Click Pool from the main menu links.  

Note: Each of the tier levels has a different minimum staking requirement. The higher the tier, the higher is the project allocation limit you may purchase during the IDO.

BSR Minimum Staking:

  • Tier 1 — min 1000 BSR
  • Tier 2 — min 2000 BSR 
  • Tier 3 — min 4000 BSR
  • Tier 4 — min 8000 BSR
  • Tier 5 — min 16000 BSR 
  • Tier 6 — min 32000 BSR 
  • Tier 7 — min 64000 BSR 
  • Tier 8 — min 128000 BSR

2. From the staking section, enter the amount from the Amount field and click the APPROVE button.

3.  A popup will be displayed to confirm the approval of the BSR amount to stake. Review the transaction that you are about to make and click the Confirm button if everything is in order.

4. After confirming the transaction, click the STAKE button to complete the process of staking BSR.

5. A confirmation popup will be displayed to confirm to stake BSR. Review the transaction that you are about to make and click the CONFIRM button if everything is in order.

6. After successfully staking BSR, the page will automatically refresh and display the new total locked BSR and its corresponding values such as: 

- IDO Guaranteed Allocation multiplier

- Total Staked BSR

- Current Tier level

- Earned BSR

- Option to Claim Rewards with a countdown as to when you may be allowed to claim your BSR reward

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