Referral Program -

Get rewarded up to 1% (in BSR) for every friend you refer to the

NO REFERRAL LIMITS! You can refer as many friends as you want; you may also choose to share the reward with your friends.

Rewards will be transferred instantly - Referrer and Referee* will receive their bonuses immediately once all conditions are met. 

*Referee will only be rewarded if the Referrer chose to share the reward.

How do I refer others to

1. Navigate to MY PROFILE page by clicking the wallet address found on the top-right corner of the screen. 

2. From MY PROFILE screen, the two invite links will be available. Share the link with your family and friends to start earning.

What do I receive for successfully referring new users to the

You will be qualified to receive up to 1% BSR from the Referee's BSR staked amount. If the Referee has multiple staking transactions within a year then the Referrer will be qualified for a reward for each transaction.

Your reward rate will be depending on the link that you choose to share with the Referee.


If the referrer chose the first link to share with the referee and the referee starts to stake BSR then only the referrer gets 1% BSR as a reward.

Referral Bonus Table for option one:


If the referrer chose the second link to share with the referee and the referee starts to stake BSR then the referrer gets 0.5% BSR and the referee also gets 0.5% BSR as a reward.

Referral Bonus Table for option two:

How to qualify for the referral bonus?

Referrers can share their referral link without having any conditions met.

Important Notes about the “Referral Program”

  • If a referee had already staked BSR in the past, the referral link will be invalid and this user will receive a ”Defined User” status.
  • If a referee has never staked BSR before, he/she will receive a “Registered User” status for a year, after he/she stakes BSR via the last referral link that has been clicked. The referrer will be receiving a bonus from all the stakes that the “Registered User” does for the first year.
  • Bonus ratio will be the same with the first reward ratio from the same referee for all new stakes for the whole year as the ratio depends on the referral link that was shared during the invitation process.
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