Yield Farming

Buy Cake-LP to Farm BSR Token

1. Navigate to https://pancakeswap.finance/ and click Connect Wallet button to connect the wallet of your choice. 

2. After successfully connecting your wallet to PancakeSwap, hover Trade from the main menu links and click Liquidity. A similar screen as below will be displayed. Click + Add Liquidity button.

3. Select BNB/BSR pair from Add Liquidity screen. To add BSR token, paste this address "0xab287e6d370c61f105630e656b5468acb4d00423" and click Import button.

4. BNB/BSR pair has been successfully selected.

5. Enter the amount you want to farm and click Supply button.6. Check the transaction details and click Confirm Supply button. From this screen, it will show how many Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens you are getting as in ‘Share of Pool’. The number of LP tokens will be set by Pancakeswap according to how much liquidity you are providing.7. MetaMask confirmation popup will be displayed. Check the details of the swap you are about to do and click Confirm button after checking that everything is correct.8. Transaction has been completed. You now have Cake-LP tokens added to your wallet which you can stake in BinStarter to earn BSR rewards through the liquidity mining program. 

To add Cake-LP token to your wallet and see your Cake-LP balance, click Add Cake-LP to Metamask button.

B. Stake Cake-LP Token 

1. Navigate to BinStarter found on this link https://bsr.binstarter.io and click Farm from the main menu link. Your Cake-LP balance is displayed.2. Press MAX button to stake the available Cake-LP balance or enter the amount of Cake-LP you want to stake. Click APPROVE button to continue.3. A confirmation popup will be displayed to confirm the approval of the Cake-LP amount to stake. Review the transaction that you are about to make and click Confirm button if everything is in order.4. After confirming the transaction, click Stake button to complete the process of staking Cake-LP.5. A confirmation popup will be displayed to confirm staking of Cake-LP. Review the transaction that you are about to make and click Confirm button if everything is in order.6. Cake-LP has been staked successfully.  

Unstaking Cake-LP Tokens

Farming unstake period is 14 days. 

Old Farming Tools

All users in the farming pool should start the unstake process till October 12, 2022. Transitions to the new farming pool should be completed latest till October 22, 2022. Farming rewards in the old farming pool will be stopped on October 22, 2022.

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