BinStarter Tier System

The BinStarter Tier System benefits BSR token holders. The higher the tier, the better access you have to BinStarter's IDOs and the more rewards you earn when staking BSR. 

The new Pool screen gives you convenient way to increase your tier level and fill you with BinStarter’s Tier System details.

a. IDO Allocation Mutiplier - displays the guaranteed allocation weight as per the staked BSR and the total BSR currently locked for staking

b. Staking Section - option to stake and unstake BSR can be done from this section

c. Earned BSR - total earned BSR reward and option to claim reward will be made available from this section

d. Locked BSR - the total BSR currently locked for staking by all BinStarter investors and the current market value in USD can be viewed from this section

e. Tiers - option to view each tier level’s benefits and details is available from this section by clicking the tier level.

  • Tier 1 — min 1000 BSR — Lock Period 7 days — 1x Guaranteed Allocation — 1% APY
  • Tier 2 — min 2000 BSR — Lock Period 14 Days — 2x Guaranteed Allocation — 2% APY
  • Tier 3 — min 4000 BSR — Lock Period 21 Days — 4x Guaranteed Allocation — 4% APY
  • Tier 4 — min 8000 BSR — Lock Period 30 Days — 8x Guaranteed Allocation — 6% APY
  • Tier 5 — min 16000 BSR — Lock Period 60 Days — 16x Guaranteed Allocation — 8% APY
  • Tier 6 — min 32000 BSR — Lock Period 90 Days — 32x Guaranteed Allocation — 10% APY
  • Tier 7 — min 64000 BSR — Lock Period 120 Days — 64x Guaranteed Allocation — 12% APY
  • Tier 8 — min 128000 BSR — Lock Period 150 Days — 128x Guaranteed Allocation — 15% APY

Advance Stake Dashboard has been made available from Pool page to provide users easier staking process and create a clearer and more transparent information flow.

Users will now be able to control the whole system from a single pool and automatically switch between Tiers. By increasing staking BSR amount, users can easily switch to a higher tier without waiting for the unstake time.

To know each tier level’s benefits, you may click any of the Tiers and it will display the corresponding details.

The Staking Requirements

To qualify for each tier, you must meet the minimum staking requirements with your BSR. The higher the IDO allocation pool you want to participate in, the more BSR you need to stake and in return, will also yield higher staking rewards. Make sure to stake the minimum BSR for the tier level that suits you best. 

Each tier has minimum staking requirements as per below:

  • Tier 1 — min 1000 BSR
  • Tier 2 — min 2000 BSR
  • Tier 3 — min 4000 BSR
  • Tier 4 — min 8000 BSR
  • Tier 5 — min 16000 BSR
  • Tier 6 — min 32000 BSR
  • Tier 7 — min 64000 BSR
  • Tier 8 — min 128000 BSR

A user who stakes 2500 BSR will be eligible for Tier 2 since the BSR requirement of Tier 2 ranges from 2000 to 3999 BSR. 

If a Tier 2 user who has 2500 BSR in the staking pool adds extra 6000 BSR in the new pool, he will easily become a Tier 4 user that will increase the IDO allocation and staking rewards without losing time.

Here is another example for users who will also join farming while staking in pools. Let’s say you stake 32000 BSR in Tier 6 and you have 16000 BSR + 10 BNB LP pair in farming. 

In this condition, with a total of 32000 + 16000*2 = 64000, you will have the allocation right at Tier 7 level.

BSR Staking Rewards

In addition to access to BinStarter's IDOs when you stake BSR, you will also receive staking rewards. The reward increases depending on which tier you are participating in. 

BSR staking will continue to pay out high APY rewards, where 8 different tiers are integrated with different APY rates and a standard emission calculation. We are a community project so our priority will always be our community. According to our token plan, a sizable supply of tokens is dedicated to staking rewards. Therefore, APY rates will continue at the highest emission-based level. Below are the APY in place for each tier level:

  • Tier 1 = 1%
  • Tier 2 = 2%
  • Tier 3 = 4%
  • Tier 4 = 6%
  • Tier 5 = 8%
  • Tier 6 = 10%
  • Tier 7 = 12%
  • Tier 8 = 15%

Allocation for BinStarter's IDOs

All tiers provide access to a guaranteed allocation which means that you can participate in all BinStarter IDOs. The size of the allocation varies from project to project but the higher the tier the greater the allocation available to you. 

IDO allocation multiplier will be determined by the amount of BSR you stake. The multiplier value will determine the limit of the allocation you will be eligible for in an IDO. 

Pool weights equivalent per tier level are as follows:

  • Tier 1 — 1x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 2 — 2x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 3 — 4x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 4 — 8x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 5 — 16x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 6 — 32x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 7 — 64x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 8 — 128x Guaranteed Allocation

Unstaking BSR

The lock period begins as soon as you click on the "Unstake" button. Once you have done this, the tokens will no longer be added to the Tier calculation for IDO allocations once the unstaking process starts, but you will continue to receive staking rewards during and until the unstaking process has been completed. At the end of the lock period, you may claim your $BSR back to your wallet.

  • When the Unstake counter is reset, the stake income will automatically stop.
  • If a user changes his mind and wants to join an IDO after initiating an unstake, he can cancel the unstake process and reset the duration.

Additionally, depending on which tier you are participating in, your BSR will be locked for a set period of time. They cannot be moved during this period.

  • Tier 1 — Lock Period 7 days
  • Tier 2 — Lock Period 14 Days
  • Tier 3 — Lock Period 21 Days
  • Tier 4 — Lock Period 30 Days
  • Tier 5 — Lock Period 60 Days
  • Tier 6 — Lock Period 90 Days
  • Tier 7 — Lock Period 120 Days
  • Tier 8 — Lock Period 150 Days

Loyalty Bonus

We will start to distribute additional BSR for our long term stakers. Reward ratio will be 1/100 of the minimum BSR staking amount of the user's existing Tier at the time of distribution. 

First distribution will be done after 150 days in staking for a new user and he/she will continue to receive a loyalty bonus every 150days until he/she starts the unstake process no matter which Tier he/she is in.

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