How to Buy BSR from PancakeSwap

A. Connect Wallet to PancakeSwap

1. Navigate to From the home page, click Connect Wallet found in the top-right corner of the page.

2. Connect Wallet popup will then be displayed. Click the wallet you want to connect with PancakeSwap. Option to learn how to connect is also available.

3. Connect With MetaMask popup will then appear, BNB address in your MetaMask wallet will be displayed by default. Click Next to continue.

4. Confirm the address by clicking Connect button.

5. Your BNB wallet will then appear on the top-right portion of the page after successfully connecting your MetaMask wallet with PancakeSwap.

B. Import BSR Token in PancakeSwap

Note: You only need to do this step if it is your first time to swap any token to BSR token.

1. Hover Trade from the menu link and click Swap.

2. From the Swap tab, the option to swap is available on the right side of the page. Click the token dropdown to select BSR.

3. Enter BSR contract address as 0xab287e6D370C61f105630e656B5468ACB4D00423 or simply type “bsr” from the search bar.

4. Read the notice and tick the I understand checkbox to enable Import button.

5. BSR token has been successfully imported to PancakeSwap.

C. Buy BSR in PancakeSwap using BNB

1. Hover Trade from the menu link and click Swap.

2. From the Swap section, select the pair you want to swap with each other. Enter the amount and click Swap button.

Note: In order to swap BSR with another token, make sure that you hold some funds in that token to be swapped to BSR.

3. Check the transaction details and click Confirm Swap button.

4. MetaMask confirmation popup will be displayed. Check the details of the swap you are about to do and click Confirm after checking that everything is correct.

5. Swap transaction has been completed. Check the swapped BSR from your MetaMask wallet.

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